Carrot Cake With Frosting

Lately I was craving for carrot cake, so I thought why not try to make one myself. It turned out perfectly and that’s why I am going to share the recipe with you.

First of all, this is what you’re going to need:
– 400g carrots (I shredded them in a blender)
– 250g flour
– 250g sugar
– 200g almond flour
– 3 tsp baking soda
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– 200ml oil (I used sunflower oil)
– 4 eggs
– 200g cream cheese
– 150g powdered sugar
– a few tsp of lemon juice

I just mixed the shredded carrots with the eggs, sugar, oil and cinnamon first. I think the proper way is to do that without the carrots first and then put them in afterward. But it works either way. Then I added the almond flour, wheat flour and baking soda until it all ended up being a viscous cake dough. You can basically put the dough in any cake pan you like, I used a squared one. The you’ll just have to bake that thing.
I did that with an electric baking oven with 180 °C upper and lower heat for about 60 minutes.

When the cake was ready and cooled down, I mixed the frosting. I just mixed everything together until I liked it. You can leave out the lemons, add more or less sugar or cream cheese. Just try it out.

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It’s About Time

We all know phrases like “time is precious”, “time is up”, “it is about time” or “time heels wounds”. Time seems to be of importance for all of us because we do know that it is limited. Its limit makes it so precious, yet we seem to forget that a lot when we grow up. Kids don’t feel the passing of time as grown ups da and still, we waste it. 
We work hard, we do a lot of thinks that we have, but don’t really want to. Tomorrow is another day is what makes us delay things that maybe shouldn’t be delayed. We make time for anything in our lives but not enough for ourselves. 
I remember being so happy after graduating with a master’s degree because now I would only have one job. Without lectures and two jobs I would have so much free time to do whatever I want to do. Finally I could read all those books that piled up. That was what I was thinking. What I was doing was completely different. I got a job and I started working. And that is all. I did nothing of what I felt so happy to finally being able to do. Since graduation I haven’t finished reading one book, I haven’t seen any museum in the city I am living now, I didn’t do more blogging, no baking. I could go and on about all the things I didn’t do.
But the point is, I am surprised how easy and fast we forget and give up what we like to do in the chaos of life. My project for 2019 is to change that for me. I started with reading, I almost finished one of the books that were waiting to be read. Well and obviously I also wrote a new blogpost, which hopefully inspires me to do that more regularly than last year. I will try to give myself more time to be productive and do more of the things I like. Time really is important and what you do with it will matter when there no time left anymore. So believe me when I say spending more time with the people and the things you love is what will really make you happy at the end of the day.

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Urban Decay Naked Cherry

Some while ago Urban Decay launched its new Naked palette while saying goodbye to the classic Naked palette.
I never owned the classic one nor do I own the Naked 2 or 3. I always stick with the special ones. I do love the Naked Smoky and the Naked Heat very much.
So when this precious eyeshadow palette was launched, of course I had to take a closer look.
I have to admit that I was skeptical first because I did not think the pinky colors would match blue eyes and blond hair but nonsense! They match everything. It all depends on what colors you mix, as always. The lighting of the photo was not perfect so the shimmering colors do not look as stunning as they really are. “Bang Bang”, “Ambitious” and “Young Love” are some seriously gorgeous shimmering eyeshadows and the quality is as good as always.
As you can see I unfortunately and accidentally stabbed “Drunk Dial”, also a really nice metallic brown.
As soon as I am able to take a better and sexier photo, I will exchange the one above.

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Fire Alarm – What I Grabbed

It is a very long story about how I ended up with all my stuff in a hotel in the first place but this is for another post. If you’re following me on instagram, you might already know.
Since I caught a cold a few days ago, I am in the hotel all day and not in the office. That is why I was here when the fire alarm started this morning in the first place. Wish I wasn’t.
And how stupid that might sound, before leaving my room I just grabbed whatever I thought of first. Now some hours later (and thank god there was no fire at all) my choices kind of made me laugh.
This is why I am sharing that photo above with you all and why I will tell you what went down in my mind.

My Outfit

So one of the funniest things with that story is my outfit. Yeah really. Sick in bed, I was wearing pajamas of course and some thick and warm socks. Totally ugly, but comfy. My hair was knotted up and I wore a hand band with a bow since my moisturizing mask was still soaking in. Yay. When the alarm started and I realized I seriously had to leave, I panically grabbed a jacket and a scarf and threw on the most summer like sneakers I could find. Yep. It’s October, 8 degrees and the sky is as grey as can be. And I threw on pink, light sneakers over that really thick socks. I just totally rock panic styling, don’t you think?

What I grabbed

Okay now about what went down in my brain after the seconds I chose my perfect fire alarm outfit. I immediately grabbed my biggest Neverfull (the MM size) and some of the things like the Pochette, Keys, Wallet and stuff were already in it. The Frog is basically the first thing I grabbed in my emotional downwards spiral. No, I am not embarrassed because that frog is my emotional everything since the day I was born. Then I went on to the desk to grab what was on there. The bear is one of my lucky charms, he basically wrote every exam with me when I did my master degree and the purse with my fountain pens is also very important to me. Why did I grab my glasses when I actually need them 10% of the time? Because I historically thought: “They’re YSL and the case is Chanel!!!!”. I have no regrets. Okay that Benefit Bag. It contains all of the lipsticks I have with me because I had no place to store them and also a new mascara, eyeliner and some perfume samples. I had no makeup on in that moment so of course I had to grab all that. Afterwards I immediately grabbed my MAC foundation because… wtf of course you need make-up when you’re outside in pajamas! Let me tell you that I searched for the sponge. Seriously. I was looking for the sponge because how else would I apply that damn foundation!? Also on the desk was my Dior perfume and my Louis Vuitton Agendas. I just packed them, because why not. I was already out of my mind, so hey.

The aftermath

I am very very glad that in the end nothing really happened. I still don’t know if it only was a drill or what happened, but okay. I just find it very ironic what I grabbed. If I would have lost everything and was left with the things that I had on me, I would basically be very screwed. No clothes, no serious shoes. At least I could have bathed in Dior. I didn’t even had a bra on, which I realized when I came back to the room. Classy. I am curious what they would say in the office about a total pajamas look and full make-up on while wearing pink sneakers with my Neverfull.

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Going Does Not Mean Being Away


There are many different kinds of going. Sometimes people leave for new jobs, for love, out of fear and sometimes people have to go forever and leave life. We all know that this is just how it is. And we all have dealt with people going away or we have ourselves gone somewhere.
But what we also do know is, that leaving or being left is never easy. It hurts every time, no matter who left and no matter what the reason is. 
I am not trying to compare all those reasons for leaving and the feelings you’re left with. What I am trying to say is, that wherever you go, you will only be physically away. You always leave some part of you behind. Things, memories, stories. When someone goes away, we keep carrying everything that connects us to the person in ourselves. You can chose whether it is your mind or your heart, or maybe both. That is up to you and what you believe is true for yourself. In any way, the people and the memories about them always stay with you.
I just wanted to remind myself and maybe some of you that sometimes we think we lost everything but if we come to the point where we have hurt enough and thought about it enough, there are still possibilities to be connected. No matter how and no matter for what reason someone left.

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