When I was 17 I used to wonder what life would be like 10 years later. I used to have it all figured out and well planned.
Little did I know that life has its own way of falling together and creating pieces you can’t even imagine sometimes.
If I could visit my 17 year old self in the past, I probably wouldn’t tell her what is going to happen. Because whatever happens, makes you grow; it makes you smarter and maybe even harder at some point.

I guess I would tell her that she is absolutely fine and that dreams change sometimes. Dreams adapt to life and if one door closes, another one opens. Maybe everyone read that sentence a thousand times, but it’s true. It worked for me, as far as I can tell.
My answer to all her questions would be that it is never going to be easy; never. And that’s totally okay, she’ll be fine.
We all get hurt by people, we all get betrayed and we have to suffer sometimes. Our health isn’t always the best and sometimes we fall pretty hard. That’s what life is; it can’t be always pretty and sometimes it is really hard to deal with. This is all okay. Because when we make it through, we always learn.

So my only advice would be: Learn, as much as you can and be as strong as you always have. And that’s how you will get through anything.

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