2015 – What a year…

Goodbye 2015It is completely crazy how fast the years go by when you get older.
Looking back and thinking about 2015 I see a crazy and surprising year.
In February I came back home after my internship in Munich feeling kind of small, crushed and exhausted. Working in fashion industry was tough and I truly had to recover.
Back home I found new friends, lost old ones and learned the hard way who my true friends are.
This year I spent a lot of time with my family and we enjoyed many amazing days and trips. Even though I did not party much I had so much fun this year!
In summer I found a job which I really really like and celebrated my 25th birthday. Huh, yes. I am 25.
They say being in your 20s is the best time ever but I bet you can say that for any age. In fact I am having fun. Tough times are tough times but when you’re having fun on bright days it makes everything bad seem so small.
I’m looking forward to 2016 and am very excited about everything. Yet I can look back to 2015 and smile brightly. Oh and yes, I went totally crazy trying out some glitter makeup for new year’s eve as you can see on those photos.


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