meWelcome to my blog “diariesinbags” !
My name’s Natascha if you didn’t know already. I’m twentysomething but often mistaken for much younger.
After graduating this year, I moved to Frankfurt where I found a position as a business lawyer.
My weakness are designer bags and Chanel nail polishes, so no wonder my wishlist gets longer and longer. Reading great books, baking, meeting my friends, shopping and writing is what makes me always happy. Ballet is pretty much the only sports I ever liked. I’m a natural middle blonde and I actually never changed that (okay there has been one accident that left me with orange hair for a few weeks, I have to admit that one).
Series I could watch over and over and over again are Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. Honestly. Every year. But Game of Thrones totally caught me too, so I’m not only going with the girlie stuff. I also love classic movies like every Doris Day movie or Breakfast at Tiffany’s as much as I like Bond movies.