Autumn Love: Beauty

This autumn love post is about my favorite products this October and the perfect beauty colors for this season.
1. Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction: I love the smell of this body spray and it’s perfect for autumn because I love sweet and feminine scents when all the leaves turn red.


2. Chanel Le Vernis Fortissimo: This dark blue and lightly shiny blue nail color is perfect for dark and foggy days. I absolutely adore its dark and intense blue.
3. MAC eyeshadow quad: Last autumn I bought this quad and filled it with four of my favorite MAC eyeshadows. It contains “fig 1”, “seedy pearl”, “star violet” and “things”. My favorite combination is “seedy pearl” on my eyelids with “fig” on the corners of my eyelid.
4. Chanel Le Vernis India: This color is so very autumn. A nude with orange and gold touch, it also has little glitter particles which makes it sparkly.
5. MAC Cremesehen Nippon: It’s the perfect lipstick to match with Chanel’s India for it’s the same type of shiny nude with orange touch.
6. Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love body lotion: It’s my favorite smell for every day and every season. But since autumn is the time of coziness and hiding under blankets, body lotion is something I wouldn’t want to miss.
7. Chanel Le Vernis Péridot: Gold is always a good idea in autumn and this one is a special one. I already talked about it here.
8. Chanel Mademoiselle lipstick: It’s a nude lip color for darker skin tones and a brownish kind of red lipstick for light skin colors like mine. So autumn is the perfect time to use it.

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