Autumn Love: Movies

Autumn is not only for reading and golden or purple tones in beauty, it is also about watching movies while enjoying hot cocoa and scented candles. Here are some of my favorite autumn movies..

1. Saving Mr. Banks: Oh how I love Mary Poppins. So what can be better than watching a movie about how Mr. Disney fought for this movie to be produced. The story is amazing and who can say no to watching Mary Poppins right afterwards?
2. Harry Potter: All you Potterheads out there understand me now. There’s no autumn without Harry, Hermione and Ron. Never. 
3. Alice in Wonderland: Alice is not only one of my most favorite books, it is also a great movie. Johnny Depp is the perfect match for Mad Hatter and this movie brings colors and light to autumn.
4. Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain: French movies are deep and yet so light at the same time with dreamy music that leads you to dreams of being right in Paris. This one is one of the sweetest and brings cozy evenings to a french level.
5. Hobbit: Well I am not only a Potterhead but also love watching the Hobbit trilogy als well as The Lord Of The Rings over and over again and autumn is just the perfect time for adventures in Middle Earth.

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