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This is going to be a huge beauty product review since I got a lot of new stuff but had no time to review all of it properly. First I wanted to do a ‘beauty favorites’ post but there are also products I was not so happy with, so I thought I should talk about them too…

1. Evian thermal-water Facial Spray
I honestly love it. Every summer I get like 5 of them and take one wherever I go. Of course only when it is pretty hot outside. It is refreshing and I read somewhere it is also good for irritated skin. Well, maybe but I certainly use it because of the refreshment. One small bottle costs about 2-3€ I think and is available at Müller Drogerie in Germany, but also in packs of 2-5 on Amazon.

2. W7 In The Nude
So this is a eyeshadow palette which I will review separately alongside the Urban Decay Smokey palette. The reason is that W7 In The Nude is a dupe of Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette and I want to give you guys a review about the quality differences/similarities.
One thing I can say, I am very happy with the palette and use it almost every day. The price of about 8€ is also very good for the amount of colors and the quite good quality of the eyeshadows.

3. M.Asam Fresh Lychee Body Lift Gel
This fresh body lift gel smells like summer. Like intensive lychees in a bright summer salad. But the scent is not the only thing that makes me love the product. When applying it cools and refreshens and also “lifts” the area. I only use it on the back of my thighs but I love the effect and what I love most in summer is the cooling effect! Totally worth it if you like lotions with a sweet scent. 250ml of the gel cost 19,75€ on ! It was part of our special goodie bag from fashion week, so I got that one for free, to be honest with you, sweethearts.

4. Lush Lipscrub Bubblegum
I was craving for a Lush lip scrub for so long and finally decided to go for it. Of course the scrub effect is good and it makes my lips very smooth but I’ll rather go with another scent next time. Bubblegum truly smells like it and also tastes like it and it’s not that I don’t like it, but it is just too much sometimes. It costs 8,95€ and I’m fine with prices like that for Lush. It’s vegan, fresh, handmade and animal cruelty free.

5. Loréal Wild Stylers by Tecni.Art mineral powder fixing spray
The name of the product is a little too much if you would ask me. This fixing spray (because it is as simple as that) was from the real fashion week goodie bag and to be honest, I was kind of disappointed. Come on.. a hair spray? I do like it. I use it every day since I have it and it is really okay, the best one I ever had, actually. I do also like the scent. Yet there is something I have to criticize: It says “wild mane effect” on the bottle.. well I don’t know. Maybe if I do a headstand and apply it then. The spray is not even strong, it is just a light fixing spray with nice scent. No more and no less. And the last thing, I am totally shocked about the price. That bottle costs between 8-10€. Seriously?

6. Lush Don’t Look At Me Face Mask
Oh another great Lush product. And one of the best ones I know. This is a cleansing, peeling and refreshing mask with lemons, tofu, grapefruit oil and something called Tunisian neroli. I like the peeling effect of the mask and it also really cleanses. The fact that the mask is bright blue is a really funny side effect. One package costs 10,45€ and it is totally worth the money.

7. Purederm Collagen EyeZone Mask
This product was on a top something list on amazon beauty and I got hyped by youtube somehow. So I thought why not give it a try. The package contains about 30 anti aging eye sheets. Those are working with collagen, vitamin e, green tea extract and tropical fruits. They smell good but a little too strong for a product that is used directly under your eyes. It does have a little effect. It smoothens small wrinkles and nutritions the skin a little. The eye sheets are totally okay, but not a total hit. Two packages with 60 sheets cost 6,98 € with Amazon Prime.

8. Urban Decay Naked Smoky
Oh love. Pure love. What else can I say about UD palettes. They’re a dream. Amazing colors, matte and shiny. Great packaging. Marvelous consistency of the eyeshadows. Terrifying price.
I bought the palette at KaDeWe in Berlin and they had a birthday discount on UD of thirty something percent. So I saved a lot. I payed something around 37 € and I never regretted buying it. It’s perfect for smokey eyes, for a dramatic evening look but also a light daily look for work/school.
Unfortunately the Urban Decay palettes cost 53,95€.

9. Essence all about matte oil control paper
This is a simple stash of blotting paper in a cute little dispenser thing. They are totally okay, they do what they have to do and I always take blotting paper with me in summer. The thing is, if you don’t have oily skin and use a foundation that does not get oily throughout the day or no foundation at all, you might not need that. The price of 1,99€ is totally fine.

10. Black Head Peel Off Mask
Also a Amazon hyped product. A bad one too. The most disappointing product on that list. If you do not know how to exactly use it, it is totally useless. And if you do, it works. I used a few packages until I discovered that it helps to use a mask before that to open the pores. But even then those simple paper black head things from the store around the corner work better for me. 10 sheets cost 2,89 € on Amazon.

11. InstaNatural Active Coal Mask
The last Amazon hyped product but the best one too. I use it for deep cleansing at least once a week and pore opening. It makes my skin smoother than any mask I ever tried. This is actually why I like it so much. I remember paying around 7 € but I can’t find it anymore. It is only available for 34,88€ now with shipping costs of 11,99€ which is a lot. Too much. I hope I can find it somewhere for a little less because I would definitely buy that again!


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