Beauty Talk – Mass Review

This is my second mass review of beauty products. I have a lot of things to show you since I had no time to do extra posts lately. There are some new products and some of my favorite all time products. You know what they say… old but gold.

1. Kocostar Rose Mask Sheet
To be very honest, I’m a sucker for sheet masks. This one is actually not really a sheet mask in that scary looking kind of way. The packaging contains sheets shaped and colored like rose petals.
The petals also smell like real roses. I read a lot about how good roses are for smooth and healthy skin, so whenever a beauty product contains rose water or rose oil, I’m in!
Of course you need to like roses, if you don’t, well.. don’t buy this. But if you do, the petals are really fun and leave your skin very smooth.

2. Burt’s And Bees Vanilla
In fall and winter I always have to fight dry lips. I am used to smear all kind of products on my lips to rescue what is already damaged by cold air and radiators. If you fight any problems within your face, you’re mostly willing to try anything. I came across some really good products and also some very bad ones. One of the best ones I tried was the Burt’s and Bees lip balm. I tried one with Acai, which I really did not like for its kind of sour taste. Vanilla is really really nice, if you like vanilla at all and suits fall and winter the most, as I think.

3. Manicare Nail Polish Remover Pads
Those are simple nail polish remover pads without acetone and a moisturizing effect. What is special with these pads is the coconut scent. This is the first coconut product that really smells like fresh coconut. Such a nice scent is really rare with nail polish remover! Really love this product. I guess I have to use them carefully since these pads are a gift from Australia.

4. Formula 10.0.6 Keep Your Cool
This breakout calming gel mask purifies skin and calms angry flare ups with peppermint and relieves blemishes with coconut. It is a very light gel that has a hint of peppermint and coconut in its scent without being aggressive. Think of it as a very light filling of “After Eight” chocolates. Doesn’t sound bad, right? I always apply it over night without rinsing it off before morning, even though the packaging also says it works under foundation. For me the gel mask works wonders over night and really calms my skin and reduces redness! The effect is amazing for such a short time. Keep your cool has also been brought to me from Australia, so I have to look for a backup online or at Sephora.

5. Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb Gel
Sometimes I have really dry skin and I have been looking for the right moisturizer for ages. In winter rich moisturizing cremes are totally okay, I use a thick creme with hyaluronic acid then. But in summer I was desperately searching for something “light” that doesn’t leave my skin oily. With the hydra bomb gel I found the perfect match! The gel is really light and feels a little bit cooling. The moisturizing effect is really good without being too rich. Favorite summer product.

6. Urban Decay Naked Heat
As I once said about the Naked Smoky in another beauty review: pure love. The moment I laid eyes on the Heat palette, it was done. Perfect colors for fall. Ideal shades for blue eyes. MY COLORS. Okay sorry, I am fangirling again. I will do an extra post for the palette and its beautiful shades because there is too much to tell and too much to show. Only some important things: Yes, the shades and the pigmentation are awesome, some of the shadows with Urban Decay are a little loser (mostly the metallic ones) than others and yes, the price is as high as always.

7. Chanel Inimitable Intense
Best mascara. I could stop right there but I know I’ll have to explain. Of course this is my opinion based  on the length and strength of my very own lashes. I am sure a lot of you have different favorite mascaras. I am using the Inimitable Internste for years now, never bought another in that time because I can not be convinced that there is a better one. I have naturally long lashes but this mascara makes them even look a bit longer, it blackens them and makes them also a bit fuller. I like my lashes kind of dramatic even at daytime.

8. MAC Plumful
This is the perfect lipstick for fall if you like plum shades. MAC lipsticks are one of the best in that price range. In my opinion they last way longer than Chanel lipsticks. Plumful is a darker plum shade but a little pinkish on my lips, which is what I like about it anyways. Because of its glossiness it lasts until the first meal, that is not that long to be honest but with Mac Lustre lipsticks it’s always like that. Plumful is my favorite MAC lipstick alongside Sirup and Hot Gossip.

9. Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Pop
This one is my first high end blush. I got it for my birthday, which was a perfect gift since I already hit the pan with my old blush. The blush has a really really cute flower print. Plum pop is a plummy toned pink blush and has a very soft application. It has no smell at all which I like about decorative cosmetics. The finish is rather natural than strong and it is easy to decide how much product you want to apply by choosing the right brush and controlling the pressure. A really cute and decent blush.

All these products were bought by myself or gifted by friends and family
This review is based on my opinion and was not influenced by any brand

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