Hello Again

Mistakes get made and thinking that writing in German again would be a good idea was a big one. I don’t regret deleting all the old postings though. It truly was time for a new start this year. I have changed, a lot of things have changed and it just didn’t fit anymore. I felt like the blog had to change too. At least the postings needed to, I was quite fine with the design. 
Back when I made that decision everything was alright and I was so sure that 2020 would be THE year! I’m turning 30 this year as if that’s not reason enough for it to be a super special one, duh!? I made lots of travel plans and wanted to visit friends and family more since I became more confident at driving. Voilà, it’s April and all the plans turned into (sorry) shit. COVID 19 blew all that up, at least for all the spring plans. Let’s hope it won’t ruin summer too. At this point I don’t want to get that much into detail but isolation sucks after four weeks and I really start missing some people (even though my friends/family and I phone A LOT). 
Okay enough about the isolation craziness, HERE I AM AGAIN.

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