Leaving At Twelve

Leaving at twelve is not going to be a Cinderella story about how I had to leave early and met the love of my life. Actually this is not even about love at all.
Except if you count work and your work place as something you love… Okay I am not talking about if or how much I love my work places either. Might get me in trouble (I’m kidding).
Some years ago I started working a few hours a week at a big company because I was looking for a job I could do while studying full time. Back then I was still working on my bachelor degree but well… working doesn’t hurt your resumé and definitely not your wallet.
Anyways, so I ended up to be a working student there with limited hours.

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When I was 17 I used to wonder what life would be like 10 years later. I used to have it all figured out and well planned.
Little did I know that life has its own way of falling together and creating pieces you can’t even imagine sometimes.
If I could visit my 17 year old self in the past, I probably wouldn’t tell her what is going to happen. Because whatever happens, makes you grow; it makes you smarter and maybe even harder at some point.

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A Little Absence Never Hurt Nobody

So this picture shows what I have been up to lately. And no, It’s not relaxing and watching series all day. This is what I will do now.

I had to study and write exams. In the picture above I had a break between classes and watched a movie about white collar crimes for an upcoming exam.

I hope this blog post will not be totally messed up because I’m writing it from my iPad right now. My poor MacBook is heating up very fast and needs to be checked so this unfortunate event is the reason I won’t be able to write the blog posts I have planned.

I hope I will be back soon, until then I’ll post regularly on Instagram and Twitter!

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