Chanel Cassis

Cassis was released 2008 but since this is 9 years from now I could not find out which polishes were released alongside Cassis and what the name of the Collection was.

The pigmentation is not really convincing but two coats are covering.
The finish of Cassis is very glossy and one layer is basically see through.
I like opacity so I’ll always wear at least two layers. See through finishes are just not my thing. Yet I like the glossy finish of this polish.
Cassis is a very pinkish color and reminds me of late summer. The thing with Chanel’s pink colors is that they look very similar yet are not the same. I think I’ll do a comparison post in spring.

The durability is okay but not spectacular. A base and/or top coat might be helpful here.

One bottle costs about 23,99 € as always but since it is from 2008 (some sources say 2007) you can only get it on ebay or other shops that sell preloved nail polishes (I get most of my polishes on Kleiderkreisel).

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