Chanel Particulière

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was released in spring 2010 and caused a worldwide hype between all nail polish addicts and fashionistas.

One layer is already opaque, the pigmentation is very good. I like to apply two layers not matter what.
It is an all year color but I think it suits fall a lot better. Also it does go with lighter skin tones pretty well. Particulière is not shimmery at all. Chanel described it as grey back in 2010 but it is so not grey. I would rather say it is taupe. A light brown with a touch of lilac. Well.. taupe.
The durability is good for me as always. The first chips appeared after 3 days but only because I started so scratch if off.

One bottle costs about 23,99 € and even though it’s from 2010 you can get it everywhere. I’ve seen it so often.


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