Diaries In Bags

After choosing that name for my blog or basically any social media account (except for my facebook account) I have been asked quite a lot why I chose it and what it actually means. Even though I sometimes get tired of people asking, I never thought about changing it. Back when I had a blog on blogspot I changed its name quite a lot. I went from “law meets fashion” to “glitter and gold” to something with butterflies in it, I can’t even remember. “law meets fashion” was truly me back then but it felt wrong after I gave up on a career in law for some time. 
Even though I got back on track and am a business lawyer now, I never thought about going back to the name. It is not me anymore, it is not what my blog has become. 
What I wanted with “Diaries In Bags” was something real, something that was open for a lot of different topics but also typically me. What basically everyone knows about me is my love for certain designer handbags and because they’re part of my outfits, part of my every day life, they are also part of the blog. I chose the word “diaries” because I do write diaries since my 16th birthday but also because blogging always felt like keeping a virtual diary to me. If you are reading this and you do know me personally, then yes, you are definitely mentioned in one of many diaries.
And truth is, you might also have inspired one of my blog posts. I’m not gonna lie.
See, if I write about a topic, I literally write my heart out and something you said or did might have brought up some thoughts but that’s it. And if I ever did write about bad dates, then yes, it was 100 % about you. Sorry, I’m not sorry.


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