Don’t Be Cheap

I don’t mean that in a behavioral kind of way and this is not going to be a #GIRLSTALK about how you should not put yourself out for dating that much or anything like that.
What I want to talk about in this post, is something a lot of bloggers have already mentioned: The ruthlessness of the industry.
When I started a blog after graduation, I did it for myself. I did it for fun and because I have always loved writing. I never intended to do business with it.
Yet over the years I got different propositions from companies to try their products, to write posts about them and so on.
Those that I have accepted are such a tiny little amount of cooperations I have been proposed. Not even half of what I have been proposed.
I have one simple rule for cooperations: I do not talk about products, I have never even tried. Not one word. I will not write about websites without knowing their services.
Why should I promote potential trash to my readers for 5 $. Seriously, answering an email is not even worth what they’re proposing for an article.
Sometimes it seems like they do not have an idea how many time it takes to try the products, make good photos of them and then write a whole post about it. Or maybe they don’t care.
But I do! I will never sell myself or my words for less than they’re worth. And I will never betray my readers like this.
What companies are proposing makes me really mad sometimes. Like: “What the hell? Do you even know what you’re asking? I am a full-time grad student aiming for a business law major with two jobs! Offering me 5$ or even 10$ to write 400 words about your crap company is shameful and ruthless!”
So there is only one advise to all bloggers, youtubers, instagramers and whatsoever: Don’t be cheap.

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