Formula 10.0.6 Mask Review

Formula 10.0.6 sells a lot of different face products, such as masks, cleansers, scrubs and moisturizers. According to their website the company was founded 1933 by pharmacists which explains the natural ingredients. You can find more information about all the ingredients here.
The first product I tried was the “keep your cool” gel mask because a dear friend got me the mask in Australia. They’re not available in Germany unfortunately, I ordered those via the US Amazon website.
I ordered this set of four masks because I was so happy with the “keep your cool” gel that I totally got hyped and wanted to try other ones.

1. Keep Your Cool
This breakout calming gel mask purifies skin and calms angry flare ups with peppermint and relieves blemishes with coconut. It is a very light gel that has a hint of peppermint and coconut in its scent without being aggressive. Think of it as a very light filling of “After Eight” chocolates. Doesn’t sound bad, right? I always apply it over night without rinsing it off before morning, even though the packaging also says it works under foundation. For me the gel mask works wonders over night and really calms my skin and reduces redness! The effect is amazing for such a short time.

2. Pores Be Pure
It is a skin clarifying mud mask with strawberry, yarrow and rosemary. As all formula 10.0.6 masks this one also smells really good and not in a chemical strawberry kind of way. This mask unclocks pores which might cause some breakouts a day after, but that only means that it’s working and your skin is being cleansed of all the dirt, bacteria and whatever hid there. By the way, I am dealing with this breakouts by using the “keep your cool” over night, so it is no big deal anyways. So the skin clarifying works for me, the only tiny thing I have to complain about is that the “pores be pure” masks is drying out my skin a little after use.

3. Deep Down Detox
This one is also a mud mask with orange, bergamot and sea salt, a ultra cleansing one to be correct. Even though it is detoxing and also clarifying I didn’t notice any breakouts after use, it leaves the skin very smooth and also a bit dry. Using a moisturizer afterward helps dealing with the dry parts. All in all this mask shows only small effects but still smells good and is fun to use. I would rather recommend the “pores be pure” mask for clear skin.

4. Get Your Glow On
Different from the other masks, this one is a peel off mask with papaya and citrus to revitalize and refreshing the skin. By peeling it off, it removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin glowing and looking fresh. For banishing breakouts I personally prefer “keep your cool” but this one is really fun for its amazing smell and the peel off effect. Plus, it actually leaves my skin very smooth and glowing. If you love masks as much as me, I can totally recommend this one too.

I bought those four masks as a set and payed 24,99 $ for the masks and about 8 $ for shipping to Germany. If you have an amazon account and a credit card, I can totally recommend browsing through Amazon US since these masks are not available in Germany or are very expensive. Australia, USA and France sell formula 10.0.6 products in stores.

These products were bought by myself
This review is based on my opinion and was not influenced by any brand

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