Girls Talk #18 – Mean Girls Everywhere At Every Age

Sweethearts, I clearly remember those times back when every girl watched Mean Girls over and over again and it got so so cool to have a burn book.
It was fun when we were 15 and being mean was a part of growing up but Mean Girls never go away, don’t they?
Unfortunately I have experienced that being mean is not just a part of girls growing up but it is a dark side of every woman. I have a feeling as a woman you never grow out of having a bitchy side but you might get wise enough to control it. 
Getting older includes learning a few life lessons and some women learn to let go of their judging, gossiping and destroying side of bitchiness. And this is a good thing. Because a classy woman knows that with intelligence, calmness and persistence everything is achievable. You don’t have to blackmail your way through life and you don’t need to make other people feel bad just to feel better yourself. It’s not part of a healthy living. Knowing this is not going to safe you from getting attacked by bitches but I can assure you that it is going to prevent you from losing your grace. Just be aware that there are always people who love you and know your true self. They will stand behind you no matter what and even a Mean Girl can’t take this away from you.
It might be hard ignoring to be attacked, harassed or gossiped about by evil girls and women like that because I do know that they are everywhere at every age. You will have to survive having them around in school, they will go to university with you and some of them, I hope not, will even work with you. As for me, I met them at every stage of life and I admit, being a teenager made me a big big part of drama. Luckily I grew and I saw what it did to me. When I left school at 18 I knew I would never want to be a Mean Girl again and I kept that promise hoping I could keep it forever. 
So this is my advice:
Don’t mess with other one’s feelings and don’t outbitch yourself because staying calm and avoiding fights like that will bring you further and only true friends will stay by sour side.

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