Girls Talk #19 – Feelings

Sweethearts, the thing about being a caring person is to end up hurt a lot. And while it may sound like a bad thing to anyone, let me assure you it’s not.

Caring is what shows us that we are able to feel. We love. How can love be a bad thing even though it might hurt sometimes!? Love is empowering, motivating and keeping us strong even when the darkest shadows surround us. 
In fact when ending up hurt, feelings can give us strength. He dumped you? Fine. You will survive. A person you thought was your friend betrayed you? Well, you do have other people you can trust and have the time of your life with.
I don’t mean to say that you have to be strong every single time you’re hurt. Sometimes you’re allowed to be hurt and sad. You’re allowed to feel bad for yourself sometimes with a big fat cup of ice cream or whatever comfort food gets you through this.
But please never be ashamed of yourself for hurting and never ever avoid to get in touch with your feelings. Your feelings belong to you and you’re allowed to, no you even should, deal with them. 
This is what’ll make you strong. Plus, sometimes talking to your closest ones could help a lot and make you see the bright side again. So please always remember to take your time to heal.

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