Girls Talk #20 – Body Shaming

Body shaming. Sweethearts, those words already sound sad and the fact that they even exist makes me angry. Women’s bodies are always so in focus and watched by friends, lovers, family or enemies. It doesn’t even matter what body type you are, how well proportioned you might be or how good you feel to be yourself, there’ll always be someone who body shames you. I guarantee that. You’re either too fat for society and get shamed for eating too much and for not caring about your body or you’re too thin and just have to be anorexic! Comments like ‘Don’t you think you’ve already eaten enough?!’ or ‘girl, you totally need to eat something. You look like you’re starving!” are not unusual.
You won’t believe how many times I had to hear comments about my body like how I am too thin or how my eating behavior has to be. Honestly it disturbed me. Many times I questioned myself and my own body at young age. I thought I’d never look feminine as I was describes as “a stick” so often in my life. But after I realized that I didn’t have to be weak, I stayed strong because I was raised to be proud of who I am.
This shaming is dangerous to young girls and instead of commenting on their bodies we should support them and show them how to be happy with what you have.
Now I know that no comment on my body was ever true and that I should never have doubted it. I know how much I do or do not eat and where my personal body limits are and this is all that matters. I don’t care for any body comments at all because I am the person who has to be happy and healthy.
So please Ladies, take care of yourself and be the closest friend to you and your body.

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