Girls Talk #21 – There’s No Place For Haters

It seems like nowadays there’s only one thing to be very proud of: Tolerance.
This little word made me write and say so many things and it seems like a lot of people from our generation just don’t care anymore. Thinking about tolerance leads me to remembering my childhood. I grew up as an only child and for me it seems like I always got what I wished for. But there was one important thing that prevented me from becoming a little ignorant princess and that was LOVE. 
There was never a second in my life I didn’t feel loved and this is what makes me believe that hatred and intolerance are poisoning your soul and your heart. 
My parents had very different kind of friends and never excluded me from meeting their friends or new people. I grew up in the most mixed and tolerant group of people I can imagine. 
With artists/philosophers, independent women and people from different nationalities and ethnicities in your life, tolerance is your companion. With this companion on my side I’ve learned not only to love what I have and what I get, but also I have learned to give.
Children don’t care where you come from or what your religious beliefs are and I do believe that we should all find our inner child and let love lead our way.
This is why I’m saying goodbye to every hater in my life. Because I can’t be surrounded by such negativity, hatred or even racism.
When someone is taken violently from your life, no matter how, you do not feel hate in the first place. 
I only experienced the feelings of helplessness and incomprehension. No hate at all. But how you will feel afterwards is how you deal with feeling helpless and your endless questioning of why such thing did happen. 
You can always choose to fight hatred with love, you can always turn helplessness into power and you can always believe in yourself to be a better person.
Please.. please keep this always in mind !

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