Girls Talk #22 – Touch My Heart, Not My Ass

giphyStanding up for yourself as a woman is mostly branded as something bad. But feminism is not a bad thing. Fighting for our rights, wishing to be respected does not mean that we hate men. It does not mean we want to control everything.

See, that is the problem. Having rights and being respected is often seen on the same level as control. Guess what, just because I don’t want guys to randomly touch my ass at a party, does not mean I want to have control over men. What it does mean is that I’m disgusted by the act of being seen as an object.
I disrespect any behavior that reduces women to their body parts. We are not body parts. We are human beings with feelings, rights and wishes. No one should be discriminated because of his beliefs, his sexual orientation or his body. Sadly women mostly end up being the discriminated, attacked and violated ones. That is why we need to stand up for our rights, we need to fight for equal payment between male and female workers and we need to show the man dominated world that we are not damned to sit at home cooking dinner for our family and playing the mistress for husbands. If men can work and have a family, why can’t we? Why is it that men are respected for what they do and who they are and we aren’t?
I am proud that there are women among us who stand up for every girl who is afraid to raise her voice. I am glad that there is something like #heforshe. Every woman or girl who can stand up for herself and women’s rights in general is a hero. So there’s only one thing I have to say to men: You are great too. We love what you can do and we love spending time with you. But if you want to know us, touch the heart, not the ass!


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