Girls Talk #24 – Fashion

Every day we staple fabrics and accessories before we leave the house. A glimpse in the mirror, “maybe another bag? Is the scarf the right color? Does my bag go with the shoes? Do I wear sneakers or heels today?”.
This is fashion. That is exactly what it means, what it is, what it can do for us.
The secret about fashion and style is that it is no secret at all. You wear what you feel, you define who you are by what dress you pick today.
So the point of what I am saying is that you can judge what others wear the way you want because there is no style without critics, without judgement. But be aware of what you say and why you do it.
Criticizing certain styles or fashion pieces is a process of thinking, of being creative on your own, of developing a better choice for yourself. What it is not, is jealousy, hatred or simple scolding because you dislike something or are simply in a bad mood. There is no quality in criticism if you say thinks like “woah that is a short skirt she is wearing!” or “There is a lot going on in this outfit… have you seen it?”. Comments like that are far away from classy, not even close to positive criticism. The saddest part is that most people who criticize fashion are those who do not understand it. They do not feel it.
Fashion has a meaning, it is art. You can use fashion as a statement of what you think; you can dress for the person you are, the one you want to be or the one you can be. It is a choice you can make every day. Fashion is politics, it is religion and it is culture.
What it is not is discrimination, hatred, labeling and dictatorship.

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