Girls Talk #26 – There Is Good In Goodbye

Goodbyes always hurt a little. Some of them more than the orhers.
And even though every goodbye is a different one, there can be something good in it.

Maybe someone has to say goodbye for a while just to be missed and being more appreciated when coming back. Sometimes you have to say goodbye to say hello to something new. Like leaving your hometown to experience your life at new destinations. We say goodbye to work places so we can discover our abilities in new companies with new colleagues.
We say goodbye to a lot of people crossing our path of life only to find new friends who stay no matter what. Relationships work out or they don’t. And if they don’t it is okay because that means it wasn’t right and you’re free to find someone who’s the right one for you. Goodbye also means we let go of habits so we can change and move forwards.
We say a lot of different goodbyes in our lifetime and most of them mean something new and good even though it breaks our heart a little every time we leave. It hurts even more when we are left by someone.
I don’t know who said this but I have heard something like this a lot. It says “In order to be good, it has to get bad first”. Maybe there is truth in that.
I have discovered so many phases in my life I thought were so rough and unfair, only to discover some time later that it all made sense. It had to happen, beacuse if it didn’t what came after would have never been possible and most of the times the aftermath was freakishly amazing. So it had to get ugly for me only to bring up the good.
Of course I am not saying that there is good in every goodybe we say or have to hear. What I am saying is that sometimes we have to take a deeper look at the goodbyes and be a little patient because it might not be that terryfying as it is at that very moment.
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