Girls Talk #27 – Fall Is Beautiful


Fall spreads its first signs over the south of Germany and I officialy declared it cashmere and candle time.
To be honest I even thought about buying ginger bread already, yep. They sell christmas stuff  from September until December here. I guess it is because we do not have Halloween the way they do in the US. I wish we did, but hey…

So it seems not everyone gets all cozy and is delighted by falling leaves, scented candles, ginger bread, blankets and cashmere sweater weather.
The cold came with stress. Stress came with more stress. Seriously almost everyone around me seems to be stressed out and annoyed. Hello? Didn’t you all cry when the sun came out after you spend your holidays in rainy weather and it was 40 degress while you had to spend your day in the office !? I am sure happy to not sweat in my office wardrobe anymore.
The thing is that stressed people can bring stress to you. They make sad faces, they do sloppy work, the come at you for every little thing they stress about and they cry over their workload, the weather or whatever else.
So how could you not be stressed too? It is quite difficult to be honest. I get easily soaked in.
What I taught myself is that other peoples problems are none of my business.. yeah I can help, but if not.. well then not. Also just because someone is cold all the time does not mean I can not enjoy feeling cozy in my cashmere sweater.

Always try to stay confident so no stressed person can bring you down!


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