Girls Talk #28 – They Call Me Maneater

Sweethearts, it is time for a new girls talk and thanks to all the people around me I get a lot of inspirations for my girls talk postings.
First of all, before any of you condemn me for the headline of this post, I am NOT a maneater. Not at all. You will have to keep the headline in mind reading this, but in an ironical sense…My self confidence has never been a secret to anyone. I like who I am, who I was and who I am becoming. You can say I am a happy person with a very loving family and great friends.
It seems some women have a great deal of a problem with this. Or to say, they have a problem with the fact that their men seem to like me. No idea, actually.
The thing is, I have experienced many situations girlfriends forbid their boyfriends to talk see me, talk to me, have contact at all. I would totally understand this if I was someone to flirt with anyone or someone to steal a guy from another woman. Which I am absolutely not. Come on, what the hell, I do not want you guy, okay!? Keep it and be happy!
A little piece of advice for those who react like all the ridiculously jealous girls I had to hear about:
Do not do this. Have self confidence, trust your man and believe in your relationship. If you can not do this, something is wrong. Either something is wrong with you, because you get intimidated by every other woman your boyfriends looks at or, heaven forbid, talks to or something is wrong with your relationship because you can’t trust.
Anyways, thank you very much for making me this important, it keeps my confidence level high. And I am really sorry for you and hope you can find out what your problem really is… because I am truly no maneater.

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