Girls Talk #29 – My Name Is No

“Yes.” seems to be the answer to a lot of things.
I know  people who scream “hell yeah” when they are asked for help, they answer every question asked and feel fulfilled by nodding and doing whatever they can to help, rescue and comfort other people.
And sometimes those people learn the hard way that “yes” is not always the answer.
Saying yes to everything sometimes leads to saying no to yourself.
People who are always on the run to help other people and help them reach their dreams are very often left behind if it comes to their own wishes and needs.
Let us be honest, who will dedicate his time and happiness to help you get happy? Okay, your parents may do. But you can not be parents to the rest of the world, don’t you?
We all just need to differentiate. I do not say that we have to say no to everything and that we should not help others at all. Of course we do need to be selfless from time to time and do good.
But doing good does not mean that our selflessness should be completely time and energy consuming, we totally forget ourselves. You need help sometimes too. You want to be loved for who you are not for what you are doing for others. You sure need some time for yourself, to relay, to fix your own problems, to sleep, to do things.
So everyone who says “yes” too many times and gets more and more stressed each time they load more and more problems on their backs, reeeeeally needs to say “no” from time to time.
It is okay to tell someone you can not do the thing they want you to. You will be fine by setting borders and take the time you need for yourself. Saying “no” sometimes is nothing we should feel ashamed about.
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