Happy New Year

In this post I will not rant about how 2016 was full of celebrity deaths, terroristic acts all around the world or other really bad things that had happened. Duh, I mentioned it. Anyways, we all know how exhausting and weird this year was, so we will leave it behind. Close the door. And walk openly and full of hope into 2017.
I surely will do so. For me personally this year has been between absolutely great and almost burning in the gates of hell. Somehow I can mostly remember the good things that have happened to me. Thinking about 2016 I see the fun I had with my friends and talking about friends, this year I have truly learned and seen who my real friends are and how amazing that is. I remember my achievements, how lucky I was to get out of certain situations, how fate interacted and kind of made me make the right decisions and one thing I learned every year: It will all be completely different than you think.
Yes, I already felt that 2016 would be a good year for my personal life but you’ll never know.. right?
So today we are leaving it all behind and I will raise a glass or two.. and celebrate hope.
Cheers, sweethearts! Have a nice new year eve, be around people you love and who do you good and do not lose hope..

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