Happy Relaunch Day!


Welcome, sweethearts!
I’m glad you joined me on Diariesinbags’ relaunch day.
I’ve been working a lot after my exams to get used to WordPress. I created/bought a domain, messed up the code twice, had to order a remote for my camera, transferred all blogposts from blogger,  took like a hundred photos, thought about upcoming posts, prepared posts and finally I’m here to say ‘hello’ again!
A big thank you goes to my friend L. She is the one that cleaned up the mess that was left after I worked on that layout code. I’m so talented with this, I had to promise I’ll never change the code again without her knowing/seeing it. Darling, I promise! A million thanks again . . .
Above I showed you one of my many ‘work places’, all the posts and ideas for Diariesinbags are created on my bed, on our sofa, my favorite chair or sometimes even somewhere on the way.
I hope to fill diariesinbags.com will life, love and inspiration.
Thank you, sweethearts for still being with me after all those years!


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