How To – Clean Your Cookware

Dirty Pan

Dirty pans? Shouldn’t be a problem anymore after reading the “How To – Clean Your Cookware” post. The reason why I was looking for a trick to clean all the pans was the planning of our new kitchen. We used to cook on a ceramic glass cooktop and decided to get a induction hob instead. New kitchen, new pans. Unfortunately not all of our pans are induction hob suitable but some of them are and we wanted them to look ‘new’.

So after receiving some tips, we chose to try out the ‘Putzstein’ by Dr.Beckmann. I have already heard about it and some girls cleaned their Converse with this but to be honest I am still a little to scared to try this out.

The ‘Putzstein’ is available at most drugstores (dm, Müller) but also at grocery stores that sell household gadgets. It costs about 3-5 € depending on where you buy it.
Inside is a sponge and the actual cleansing product. When your pan is as dirty as ours you will have to put some force and do some serious rubbing because the dirt might not vanish immediately. After a few minutes the result was already amazing and the pan looked nearly as new!

Clean Pan

I will definitely try the product on other things. But for now I am truly amazed by the cleansing power on our cookware. Let me know if you have any questions or tried it our yourself…


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