How Working In Fashion Made Me A Lipstick Addict

Confession time, sweethearts. I’m not only a great fan of Chanel nail polishes but also developed a small but yet present addiction of lipsticks and glosses.

Fashion made me do it. Honestly. I used to see lipsticks and glosses as not very necessary beauty products and quite annoying ones too.
The way I ended up using lipstick and especially a red one, was last year when I started working in fashion. 
As an intern in the office I also had to work a few times in stores to get to know the atmosphere, the products and the clients. Red lipstick was obligatory.  “Hell no.” That sums up perfectly what I thought first but I had no choice. 
The only place I trusted with my lipstick fear was the next MAC counter and that’s where I ended up buying a perfect red lipstick with matching lip pencil. Only took me a week to know that red is a statement but you’re not in statement mood every day. So my collection grew with simple and classic autumn colors, spring colors, summer corals and so on.
Now one year later I barely leave the house without anything on my lips. . . 

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