I Love Winter: Fashion Essentials

I Love Winter Fashion
The weather is so perfect lately to show you my winter fashion 
essentials for this year.

Starting with my blue hat which is vintage and belonged to my mum, I have to say that I am not much into hats and beanies but when I found it at my grandma’s and tried it on I immediately fell in love. So since I do actually have a hat face I love to wear it on snowy days. You can either look in your mum’s/grandma’s closet for chic vintage hats or get a new one. Most fashion stores sell hats in autumn and winter.
My Louis Vuitton Speedy is one of my favorite bags in winter because unlike the Neverfull it has a sipper to protect what’s in your bag from getting wet by the snow. Also the damier pattern is perfect for winter season.
Scarves of course are mandatory in winter and even though my Burberry scarf is an all year/all season wearable fashion piece, I love to wear it in winter matching with my blue hat.
Then there are the black lambswool boots to keep my feet warm in this cold season. Some of you hate them, some of you love them. I wouldn’t wear them to work ever but for Uni or short trips to the store they are more than perfect for they are incredibly comfy.
Gloves are also an absolute winter essentials when it comes to fashion pieces. I love my dark blue ones. You see know, I’m really into blue things. I do of course also have other gloves in different colors and materials. 
Last but not least my wool beanie which I love. I hated wearing anything on my head for years in winter because I always thought I looked completely stupid and it also ruined my hair. But then I found this one last year on christmas holiday and I loved it, I also had to get a white one too.

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