I Love Winter: Weekend Trip Essentials

We all know the stress of packing up our things for trips shorter than real vacation, our weekend trips. Especially women tend to spend hours thinking about what is really needed.

Well this won’t be a guide for any situation but is the start of my “I Love Winter” series. This is why I included a top 5 of what to take with you for cozy evenings on weekend trips for example if you want to relax after a beautiful winter day in your favorite city.
* Longchamp Weekender: This is my bag for packing up my things when leaving for two or three days. If I need a bigger one, I take mum’s Longchamp weekender in olive green. The price begins with 75 €.
1. Prada Candy L’Eau: One of my favorite winter perfumes and the best one for cozy evenings because it smells like candy canes and caramel and reminds me perfectly of winter time. My bottle contains 80ml and costs about 90€.
2. ThirdLove True Bliss Wireless Bra: A comfy allrounder bra is everything if it comes to essentials for a trip. The bra should fit, should be comfy, nude because you might wear something light colored and versatile for you’ll never know… This bra combines it all. You can have it at ThirdLove for 54 $.
3. Cashmere Sweater: Nothing is more stylish and more comfortable than cashmere. A sweater like this can be combined with any clothing you take with you, jeans, skirt, just anything. You get cashmere sweaters almost everywhere, you might have a look at H&M or C&A stores in autumn, they sell them for about 50-100 €.
 4. Pajama Pants: For cozy evenings cute and comfy pajama pants are an absolute essential and who can resist cute snowflakes like this!? You’ll find pajama pants like this mostly at any fashion store.
5. Warm and soft socks: In winter time you’ll need socks. Whether   it’s to hold your feet warm in your cute boots while wandering around the city or later when I cuddle up and relax. Cute and christmassy socks like this are just perfectly matching your winter feeling and awesome pajama pants !

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