Irene Luft Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Show

Tina, media spokesperson of Asam Beauty invited me to see Irene Luft‘s spring/summer 2017 fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.
Our places were 2nd row and it was the first big fashion show I ever saw. I have already been at some small shows but never at a real fashion week.
First of all I got to say that I immediately fell in love with the first dress. I love this collection’s delicate and feminine look. And for everyone who saw my outfit, I’m a sucker for lace. Lace and tulle. Love it. Despite the lack of real colors for spring/summer I liked the collection. Clean colors like white, beige, black and gold are timeless and very wearable.
Of course nothing is an every day piece but I would definitely wear every one of the dresses and outfits for a special occasion. I truly would.
I read other critics about the show and they said they missed a shocking moment. It seems like Irene Luft has been some kind of a fashion rebel and a shocker before. Well I don’t know. It was the first Irene Luft show I saw and the hair pieces for the models already we’re pretty spacey and freaky. Also did the models wear black contact lenses which made every piece look darker and spacier. So for me it was not boring. But to be honest, I do not care about shockers in a show or something totally freaky, loud or whatever. I care about the fashion. I want to see the dresses, the fabrics, the style.
Irene Luft stuck to her plain color scheme which I really liked. Of course it would have been great to see the hot colors for spring season but what she did with the fabrics was amazing. There were laser cuts, lace and flowerish applications and golden ornaments. Almost like the clothes were full of butterflies and flowers. Kind of elfish.
My favorite pieces were the first dress in white with all the flowers, the trousers with golden parts (sec. 7) and the black dress with the golden ornaments (sec. 30).


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