It’s About Time

We all know phrases like “time is precious”, “time is up”, “it is about time” or “time heels wounds”. Time seems to be of importance for all of us because we do know that it is limited. Its limit makes it so precious, yet we seem to forget that a lot when we grow up. Kids don’t feel the passing of time as grown ups da and still, we waste it. 
We work hard, we do a lot of thinks that we have, but don’t really want to. Tomorrow is another day is what makes us delay things that maybe shouldn’t be delayed. We make time for anything in our lives but not enough for ourselves. 
I remember being so happy after graduating with a master’s degree because now I would only have one job. Without lectures and two jobs I would have so much free time to do whatever I want to do. Finally I could read all those books that piled up. That was what I was thinking. What I was doing was completely different. I got a job and I started working. And that is all. I did nothing of what I felt so happy to finally being able to do. Since graduation I haven’t finished reading one book, I haven’t seen any museum in the city I am living now, I didn’t do more blogging, no baking. I could go and on about all the things I didn’t do.
But the point is, I am surprised how easy and fast we forget and give up what we like to do in the chaos of life. My project for 2019 is to change that for me. I started with reading, I almost finished one of the books that were waiting to be read. Well and obviously I also wrote a new blogpost, which hopefully inspires me to do that more regularly than last year. I will try to give myself more time to be productive and do more of the things I like. Time really is important and what you do with it will matter when there no time left anymore. So believe me when I say spending more time with the people and the things you love is what will really make you happy at the end of the day.

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