“Just dreaming” Wishlist

Just dreaming


Well, a girl can dream. Can’t she!?
This would be my current wishlist if I could buy anything I wanted to. If I won the lottery right now I’d just go crazy and buy everything on that list. I mean it is not much if you think about winning a million or even more… A classic Chanel tweed jacket is what I dream about wearing for a classy, clean and very french girlie style and of course I wouldn’t combine it with the classic flap bag. In my opinion you should never load too many labeled things on your style and Chanel is better worn alone to glow. And seriously, THE Manolos, I bet every SatC loving woman craves for these shoes. Worn with a nice pair of jeans, a plain white shirt and some delicate jewellery.. Okay I’ll stop talking or I’ll start drooling. Kidding but I honestly love “basics” like that. Those are signature pieces to complete a special look. Expensive of course, I know. For many people never affordable, I know that too. This is why I called it “Just dreaming” wishlist.
But I’m one to fulfill my dreams even if it takes years to do so and I’ll never stop dreaming because limits only exist in your mind…


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