Leaving At Twelve

Leaving at twelve is not going to be a Cinderella story about how I had to leave early and met the love of my life. Actually this is not even about love at all.
Except if you count work and your work place as something you love… Okay I am not talking about if or how much I love my work places either. Might get me in trouble (I’m kidding).
Some years ago I started working a few hours a week at a big company because I was looking for a job I could do while studying full time. Back then I was still working on my bachelor degree but well… working doesn’t hurt your resumé and definitely not your wallet.
Anyways, so I ended up to be a working student there with limited hours.Those limited hours are the reason why I work from 8 to 12 most of the times. This would be an absolutely boring story if it ended right here, but it doesn’t.
Leaving at 12 o’clock, I often heard colleagues and bosses say “I wish I had it this good leaving that early..” or “Those good old days when we were allowed to leave at 12!”. Ha! Seriously?
Yes, I am only working a few hours but what you see me doing in the office or when you see me leaving early, doesn’t mean that this is all of it. I am not going home at 12 o’clock to relax and watch TV series or something like this. I am a full time student, now a grad student since I graduated in business law earlier this year. I always had a second job because I wanted to earn enough money to buy the things I love.
I had ballet classes two times a week (only once a week now since I really am too busy with work), I do also kind of work for diariesinbags. Keeping an Instagram profile alive and writing blogposts is work. Even though most of the posts are coming straight from my heart and are not sponsored or paid by any company, this is all work. Don’t get me wrong, everything I do makes me happy in different ways and I love what I am doing on diariesinbags. The thing is that I just hate being judged by one thing. There is always more to a person. I wish people wouldn’t picture you immediately for one simple thing they just saw….
So leaving at 12 does not make me lazy, it doesn’t make my anything. I am just working as long as I am allowed to. Nothing more to it.

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