Liris Beautywelt – Clean Edge Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex 1
This is a product I am very happy to be able to present to you, sweethearts. As you know I love nail polish and am kind of addicted. For me there’s always a struggle with the dark or glittery ones and I tend to have the paint all over my fingers.

With the Clean Edge – Liquid Latex this never happened again. Seriously, nail art or dark colors don’t scare me off any more.Liquid Latex 2
The liquid latex is absolutely easy to use. I paint it completely around my finger nails and let it dry for about a minute. Then I apply the nail polish or do the stamping (and so on). After the polish has dried, I pull the latex off my finger which is very easy to do! And voilà, a clean painted nail is the result.
The Clean Edge – Liquid Latex is available in mint and pink. You should absolutely not use it when you’re allergic to latex!!
It is vegan and not tested on animals.
I can highly recommend this product for nail addicts like me.
Thank you Liris Beautywelt for letting me try this amazing nail product!
****This blog pos was sponsored by Liris Beautywelt****



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