M.Asam 2016 Bodybutter

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Hello sweethearts! I am thrilled to introduce M.Asam’s 2016 body butter that absolutely matches the perfume! As I already mentioned about the scent, it totally reminds me of a mixture between ‘Armani Code’ and ‘Prada Candy L’Eau’.  So it is a heavy and sweeter scent and I recommend to either use the perfume or apply the body butter. Both at a time would be too much.

Trying the ‘2016 body butter’ for the first time I noted the very firm consistence of the butter but I guess it is how it should be. The more I used it, the easier it got to get out the butter. Dispensing the product is super easy, it is also rich in content and quickly absorbed by the skin.

After applying the body butter my skin was very smooth.
The scent is a little too strong for me to use the product all over my body, I usually just put a little on my neck and arms.

500ml of M. Asam’s 2016 Bodybutter cost about 24,75 €.

*** this product was sponsored by M.Asam Beauty***


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