M.Asam Orange 2-Phasen-Serum

M.Asam Orange
Hello sweethearts! After my vacation I want to introduce the 2-phase serum of M.Asam to you. It is almost summer and this product is perfect for sunny days.
This orange beauty is a face serum for hydration and energy including different vitamins, calcium and oils.

You can use it overnight to refresh but also in the morning to give your face a healthy and fresh glow for the day. The orange scent is more than perfect for summer. It might look very liquid in the bottle, but after shaking it, the two parts of the serum turn into a light gel.

To be honest I thought it would work like any other moisturizing lotion and did not expect any outstanding effect even though I have been very happy with M.Asam products.
After my first application over night I was surprised to see and feel that my skin was totally smooth and fresh. The effect is truly awesome.

The moisturizing and energizing effect is great and I think it also soothes your skin a little. This is why I can totally recommend this product to people with dry and pale skin. It gives you a fresh look for the day!

110ml of M. Asam’s 2016 Bodybutter cost about 29,75 €.

*** this product was sponsored by M.Asam Beauty***


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