M.Asam Vino Gold No1 Eau De Parfum

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This is another treasure of the parcel that was sent to me by M.Asam. And yaaaay it is a second perfume, can you believe that !? You can only imagine how surprised I was to find more than has been promised in the pretty green box.

‘Vino Gold No 1’ is the name of this lemon green fragrance. The freshening scent combines bergamot, grapefruit, lime and tangerine. Those ingredients and the refreshing green look of the bottle already promise a relaxed and fresh start into the day.

Now I have to admit that my first thought when trying ‘Vino Gold No 1’ for the first time was a little different than expected. I imagined it to smell like a fresh lemon with a hint of tangerine but the bitterness of grapefruit was striking at first. I am sure it is depending on your skin’s ph-value how the fragrance develops all aromatic substances. My mum for example loves it and I really really like it on her too.
After a while it also smelled pretty good on me, but to be honest I prefer when a perfume smells good from the second I spray it on. Anyways the perfume is now used and loved by my mum.

I can absolutely recommend ‘Vino Gold No 1’ for everyone who likes fragrances with a fresh touch, yet not very lemonlike.
A 100 ml bottle costs usually 24 € but there’s a set discount at the moment for 19,93 € here.

*** this product was sponsored by M.Asam Beauty***


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