Nail Color Review #13 – Chanel Péridot

This post is about Chanel’s nail polish called Péridot. The color is a greenish kind of gold one from 2011’s Illusion D’Ombre Fall collection. The color changes in different light situations.
One layer is not opaque enough for me but I always put on a second one anyways, so I’m fine with that.
I’m not only showing this special color now because I got it a week ago, but because it suits the change from summer to autumn perfectly. The green metallic touch reminds me of the fading greens from summer and the gold one is just perfect for autumn.
The durability of Péridot is very good, the metallic colors of Chanel have the best durability in my opinion. 
One bottle costs about 23,99 € new but I guess you have to go on different websites to find it 2nd hand as it is from 2011’s collection.

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