Hello Bento

Hello Sweethearts, I am still caught up in real life because I have so many classes to attend and also work to do besides Uni that I just couldn’t find the time to write new content for diariesinbags.
But what I really really wanted to show you is the MonBento box I got for easter!
I used to eat kinda crappy on long University days and spent a lot of money for food.
Actually I would have never thought that taking lunch with you could look so stylish and cool. Also meal prep does not take THAT much time, really.
I am still new with this bento food thing but I look forward to create different meals and maybe I can post some recipes from time to time.

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A Little Absence Never Hurt Nobody

So this picture shows what I have been up to lately. And no, It’s not relaxing and watching series all day. This is what I will do now.

I had to study and write exams. In the picture above I had a break between classes and watched a movie about white collar crimes for an upcoming exam.

I hope this blog post will not be totally messed up because I’m writing it from my iPad right now. My poor MacBook is heating up very fast and needs to be checked so this unfortunate event is the reason I won’t be able to write the blog posts I have planned.

I hope I will be back soon, until then I’ll post regularly on Instagram and Twitter!

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