Rama Publishing – Ratio Notebook and Daily Review Planner

A few weeks ago I got the Ratio Notebook and the Daily Review Planner from Rama Publishing as a PR sample. The Rama pen holder clip was added as an extra gift. I was so happy when I was asked if I wanted to try the products because I had been following Rama Publishing on Instagram for quite a while admiring the amazing notebook that was especially created for law students!The contact was so nice and inspiring the whole time and when the package arrived I was stunned when I opened it! As you can see on the picture above the Daily Review Planner came in a beautiful black box with a red bow. How pretty! The golden pen holder clip came in a black satchel and was nestled in rose petals, I mean hello? Rose petals! So yeah, that got me even more excited to finally try it all out. For the Ratio Notebook, which is for studying with cases, I went with the black one.
It is available in different colors, such as stone, blue and black.
The blue is the same color as the Daily Review Planner I think.
I linked the shop with the buzz words, so you can look at it online and also shop it if you like! The Notebook is made for 50 different cases.
It contains a special layout to extract important parts of a case and to revision the case and definitions you need.
When you aren’t studying with case law but civil law like in Germany you might have to adapt your thinking a bit. Of course we do also study with a lot of cases, so the layout is actually suitable for any law system, I think.
I also used to write down the different parts and information about the case I worked with and extracted definitions and arguments before I knew this notebook. But having it, helps to stay in a system and also track the studying. So the notebook is usable and perfect for any kind of studying with cases!
The Ratio Notebook is available online and costs £7,00.
The Daily Review Planner actually can be used by anyone. It helps you keep track of your goals and priorities of review. And come on, every student needs to review something! I got the dark blue with turquoise edges. And dark blue is actually also my favorite color.
For me it just came at a perfect time because it is my last semester of studying and I am writing my master thesis right now. So that is my most important goal right now, which of course I need to keep track of. Tracking the progresses and ideas helps me to work harder. The price for the planner online is £24.99.
The Planner feels very soft and luxurious and the paper is great to write on. I am a sucker for fountain pens! Oh and talking about fountain pens, the amazing pen holder clip which is not only pretty but also very usual in all the study chaos. And well, it also helps if you only cary your pen or in my case fountain pen with you and do not want to get it lost in your bag….
If you got interested you can visit Rama Publishing on Instagram.
So for now let the photos speak!

This was a PR sample by Rama Publishing.
Everything in this post is my personal opinion and not influenced by the brand.


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