TK Maxx Finds – Sunglasses

Sunglasses are also a thing for winter since snow is reflecting the sun and our precious eyes need some protection! This is why I am starting with our sunglasses we (my mum and I) found at TK Maxx. Most of the times we go to TK Maxx Stuttgart, but some of our finds are from Warsaw and Senden. As I discovered most of the TK Maxx stores have the same or very similar offers.

1. Sunglasses nr. 1 are from Fendi and belong to my mum. They have the classic Fendi logo in diamanté on both sides and are in a dark red.

2. The second glasses are from Oscar de la Renta. Those are mine and I truly love them. I always wanted kind of Audrey glasses and since Ray Bans don’t fit my face and look bad, I gave up. When I found these I fell in love immediately and they are my favorite glasses ever since!

3. Those pairs of sunglasses are both Marc Jacobs. The grey ones belong to my mum and the brown/yellow ones are mine. They are both really cool and stylish!

The best thing about the glasses at TK Maxx is the price. The original prices of the sunglasses were all between 200 and 400 € and we did not pay more than 60€ for any of these pairs! I can totally recommend to look for sunglasses if you’re near a store. I was never searching for a particular pair and just went to have a look, that’s when I always found a pair.


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