Urban Decay – Naked HEAT

In my last beauty review post I have already shown you my new favorites and the Naked HEAT palette is one of them. So everyone already knows that I adore this eyeshadow palette and am more than thrilled with the colors and the quality. Yet I still wanted to do an extra post about it. Urban Decay palettes are absolutely worth their own post and need a little more description.
The HEAT palette has a lot of lovers but I have also seen some critics over the internet.
Many are not that excited about the reddish colors, which I can understand.

But browns and reds are not for every eye!I have very blue eyes and look really weird with rose and purple eye shadows, yet I am absolutely in love with the earth and fire toned colors of this palette!
The quality of Urban Decay palettes is something I am already familiar with since I also have the Naked SMOKY.
The eye shadows are very intense, especially the shimmering ones. I tried to swatch them on my arm.
I swatched them with my fingers with only one stroke into the pan. The coverage is absolutely amazing, only “Ounce” as the lightest color of the palette is not really visible on my arm. It is a light, shimmery color and perfect for blending in other shades or creating little highlights on your inner eyelid.
My favorite shades are the shimmering ones like “Dirty Talk”, “Lumbre” or “Scorched”.
All the colors are easy to blend, very covering and smooth which not everybody likes.
Of course Urban Decay palettes are very expensive but for me they’re totally worth the price and the hype. I am truly amazed by those colors and the quality.

This product was bought by myself with a usual discount code of 20% at Douglas
This review is based on my opinion and was not influenced by any brand.


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