Bodyspray Mania

Well I admit, body sprays are no news to anyone. It was difficult for us german girls to get those from Victoria’s Secret since they were only available at VS shops. So it is completely new to us that we can get them now at the Müller drug store. Lucky us!

Pure Seduction was my first body spray ever. I saw and smelled it first at a former colleague and found it afterwards at Müller in Munich. A few months later also small Müller stores got the VS body sprays. That’s when I bought the other two sprays.

The scents are so different and varied, I’m sure any girl will find a matching body spray within the VS line. Secret Charm is very fresh and flowery, it’s perfect for summer.

Sheer Love smells like fresh laundry to me and that’s why I love it so much.
Pure Seduction is more intense, fruity and flowery. I love it first but now it’s a bit too much for me.
The sprays cost about 9,95 € at Müller and sometimes a few sprays are in sale.

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